A downloadable game

you're alone in the forest, out of gas for you're car, try and find 3 gas cans

wasd to move
shift to run
r to reload gun
note: you're gun as 17 bullets in it, the game doesn't show you how many bullets in it, just how many clips you have but i will say the gun is empty when you start the game
left click to shoot
right click to look down sites
e to pick up clips and gas cans
another note: sometimes this is not precise, sometimes you may or may not pick up to item, and there's no cross hair because i want it to be somewhat immersive so i suggest you just spam the e button till gas can or clip disappears

thank you soundcrate for providing the reload sound and shooting sound

Install instructions

down load zip file and unzip it


Build1.zip 29 MB


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Hey i updated the game to fix alot of the problems loxago pointed out, invisible walls are now fences, i updated the play place so you now start off in a parking lot, and it leads to some of the main areas in the game, and i strange some of the fog, but sense i make it so you can see more i made the killer run faster

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Hey, good job for completing the game!

I played it and liked the fact that there was a killer instead of a Slenderman-type monster. However, I think there are improvements to be made if you decide to work on it after the jam. 

- The play area is too dark overall. I understand this is necessary in a horror game, but it would look better with some extra attention to lighting. Seeing this is a Unity project, you could try using a low-intensity Directional light set to a purple-blue color (to simulate moonlight) and play with the tree materials to bring them out just a bit. 

The invisible walls. The player spawns near them, and it's difficult to communicate their existence -- I thought I bugged out. It also breaks immersion, so you could try and devise other ways to constrain the player in the arena. Impassable cliffs, fences, fallen tree trunks etc., all enhance immersion and look better.

There's little sense of place. It's nice to have a few landmarks here and there so the player can navigate the area. I completely lost my sense of orientation after a while trying to run away from the Killer. While I understand it's supposed to be hard to navigate in the woods, it's a good idea to give players a 'fighting chance', even if it's minimal. As an example (seeing as the games are similar) Slender had a couple of small, empty buildings.

There are also a few bugs, but that's completely understandable and I'm not listing them as negatives. One I noticed is that the Killer sometimes moves in place, then suddenly lunges at the player. Overall, the gun handles nice and seems accurate, the ambient sound is very good and the whole experience was creepy enough to make me lower the volume without resorting to cheap jumpscares.

Good luck!

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hey glad you enjoy'd it, i do wanna say that i should maybe change up how you start because there is buildings and land marks(3 of them),as soon you start and walk straight forward. you'll find a path that leads to all the land marks, i just think that sense you start in the middle of a forest it's sorta hard to figure where to go, so maybe a parking lot with a path that leads to the main circle would be alot better in this instance , and yeah i might but a fence instead of some invisible walls, thank you for you're feed back

Don't sweat it, it might just be that I'm need to git gud xD. Thanks for the reply!

it's alright, i knew it was a problem i just wanted to get this out, but thankfully i fixed it now that i realize how much it effected the experience