A downloadable Moon Base Beta for Windows

moon base beta is a game where you run a moon base by computer. you wake up and  need to interact with you're computer to produce the required amount of materials in this amount of time. also if you have questions into how you do this. if you click the power and production shortcuts, on the top right of the window you will find a button with a question mark and this will lead you to a guide to how both of theses windows work
there are 4 days in game. and the game gets harder as each day passes
oh yeah there are a slighty nsfw joke in this game. there's no nudity but thought i warn you anyways. enjoy the game and this is the first time i ever tried to make a game like this so it's kinda...not great

oh yeah i almost forget. the font style is not made by me(the rest of the art and programming is tho) but the font is from this free asset https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/fonts/free-pixel-font-thaleah-140059 by Tiny Worlds and it's really good and sorry about there being no music. but there is some sound using the software Bfxr

Install instructions

download the file and extract the files


WindowBuild (2).zip 20 MB