A downloadable game for Windows

that last part was kinda a lie, this project was pretty big and took on alot of techy stuff that i never did in any game, and there are plenty of glitches to come with that, and be warned this game might be a bit tech heavy compare to your typical game jam game, anyway in the game you are in the middle of the ocean. searching for a piece of land, you have a small raft and when you press e on it you will get it and get the chance to control it, W and S raise and lower the sail and the higher the sail the more speed you'll get, and you steer with A and D, when you get out you can't control the boat anymore
and be warned when there are high waves(even sometimes low one's) there's a chance you will fly out of your raft if the sail is fully up and at deep angle

also keep in find there's only one piece of land and there's no ending
and that's about it to my crappy entry into weekly game jam

and thanks for Lighty for making the music
here's his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2KUo5UdlB9f8mRAl2g0Gw


Builds.zip 20 MB


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- I like the minimal graphics, they appeal to m.

- The moment when the music changed and waves got bigger was really cool!

- I like the idea itself, sailing lonely on a boat through the ocean, look out for high waves, don't travel to fast, etc. It's really cool

Just work on your feedback ingame for the player :) Sadly I did not reach the island because I cannot build up a feeling when im doing stuff good or bad. So to me it feels liek randomly flying off the raft.

Keep up the cool work, maybe polish this one out, would love to see it!


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