A downloadable Fps

this is a FPS project i been working on, you start near a school(there's also a bed behind you), when you go in and find a room with two students, you can talk to them and they will say some stuff to you, if you go back and interact with the bed, it will set you to sleep and you will appear in a alternate world where you have a shotgun and a machine gun, next to it are two portals which lead to level 1 and two


WASD to move

left click to shoot

use scroll Wheel to switch weapons

E to interact

warning: there is a easter egg in the game, and it as a swear word in it, you have been warned

check out my twitter https://twitter.com/StudiosAnts if you wanna see what new stuff i'm working on for the updates

Install instructions

download the file
unzip it
click on FPS.exe


1.3.zip 20 MB

Development log

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